Toss Pay

Toss Pay is a South Korean (SK) e-wallet, accessible through the Asian super app Toss.

With more than 9.5 million registered users , it is one of the most popular ways to pay in the country. So if you’re thinking of making a play for SK, you need to be offering it!

Merchants targeting young, middle-come people have enjoyed big wins with Toss Pay. 54% of its users identify as male, 5.41 million are in their 20s, and they tend to live in cities.

We have a ready-to-go integration of TossPay available on our digital payments infrastructure.

That means we can get you to market faster and start selling sooner.

Why Toss Pay

  • Can be used by 98% of banked customers in South Korea. Toss is partnered with nearly all SK banks
  • 30% payments market share in SK, making it the country’s 3rd most-popular commerce payment method.
  • 106% transaction growth year on year. Currently accepted by 12,000 merchants.