Launched in 2013, Satispay leads the mobile payments market in Italy and positions itself as a unique European app for everyday life experiences.

Thanks to a bank account-enabled platform, which is independent from debit and credit card networks, Satispay provides a wide range of digital payment services: e-commerce and in-store transactions, peer-to-peer payments, and a wide range of other services such as mobile top-ups, fines, tax payments, donations and savings.

The app is easily usable by consumers, where they simply join using their mobile numbers and connect their bank accounts for payments.

How Satispay works

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The benefits of supporting Satispay in Europe

  1. With more than 1.5 million users, Satispay has more than 10k e-commerce merchants on an overall base of 130k merchants, with over 1,300 new daily signups. Satispay enjoys a loyal customer base, with an average 7.1 transactions per consumer, per month.
  2. Satispay offers a true omnichannel solution for brick- and-mortar, online and unattended transactions, making it a go-to digital payment service for consumers, with a strong brand proposition.
  3. Satispay cites a conversion rate of 91%: with smooth and frictionless linkage of their bank accounts, consumers only need to scan a QR code or enter their mobile numbers to confirm transactions in their mobile apps.