New Regulations in Australia, Setting Loss Limits for Time and Money Required in Crown Melbourne

Australia continues with the gambling reforms and taking the safety and security of the players to the next level. The newest changes are related to gaming machines at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. All players will be required to use the YourPlay system to set loss limits for both time and money.

New regulations to prevent problem gambling and money laundering:

The new regulations will be active starting December 14, 2023. Melissa Horne, the Minister for Casino, Gaming, and Liquor Regulation in Victoria, agrees with these measures since they will give more control to the casino patrons and maintain safe and secure gambling in the province by reducing various problem gambling issues. She said: “We are delivering nation-leading reforms to protect the most vulnerable from gambling harm and putting the power back into the hands of patrons.”

According to The Shout, the players will be able to set limits, and in case they reach them, access to the machines will be denied for 24 hours or seven days, depending on the players’ wishes. This is an upgrade from the previous regulations that obligated the players to make 15-minute breaks after three hours of gambling and a break that lasts at least one day after 12 hours of gambling. The maximum of 36 hours a week spent on gambling is also set.

More changes:

On top of that, the patrons’ identities will be checked when they sign up for the program to prevent money laundering. Once they sign up for the membership card, their accounts will be linked to YourPlay account, where the users will be able to see real-time updates and all details about their activities.

At the moment, players who want to collect more than $1.000 are required to provide identification in order to collect the winning. Also, a mandatory carded play, which is now established only in EGMs, will be set in all Victorian casinos by December 2025.

All these regulations are a part of the gambling reform recommended by the Royal Commission.

Horne said: “Those who think they can get away with criminal activity like money laundering are wrong – these changes are about tracking, stopping and prosecuting this illegal activity.”

As Inside Asian Gaming reports, Ciarán Carruthers, the CEO of Crown Resorts, said: “Crown’s ambition is to operate the safest casinos in the world, and we are proud to pioneer this transformative and world-first shift with the introduction of carded play at Crown Melbourne. The implementation of carded play begins a new era of transparency and commitment, helping to reshape the gambling landscape and ensure our guests are better able to manage and play within their personal limits. Carded play will help to foster a safer, more enjoyable experience for all and revolutionize the way our guests engage with gambling and entertainment.”