Lindar Media Limited To Pay £690,947 Fine For AML and Problem Gambling Non-Compliance

UK casino operator Lindar Media Limited is obliged to pay a £690,947 fine for the alleged breach of the socially responsible operating practices and the failures to comply with the anti-money laundering procedures prescribed by the Gambling Commission. The allegations arose after the Gambling Commission recently conducted a review of the operator’s license after a compliance assessment conducted in September 2022, according to the press release.

Penalty Money Goes to Socially Responsible Purposes

The operator’s payment of the £690,947 penalty to the Commission will reportedly include the £50,947 divestment whereas the total penalty amount will be directed for socially responsible purposes.

Licensed gambling operators are legally obliged to ensure compliance of their gambling facilities with the Gambling Act 2005. The Gambling Commission has recently conducted a regulatory review of the casino’s operating license following a compliance assessment done in September 2022. The review allegedly found that Lindar Media Limited, which also runs the online casino, failed to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) provisions. The regulator allegedly also found that the company failed to comply with the regulations aimed at preventing gambling harm.

Failure to Comply with AML Provisions

The investigation found that the failures occurred over the period from July 2021 to September 2022. According to the press release, Gambling Commission’s compliance assessment and subsequent regulatory review allegedly found that the company failed to implement anti-money laundering policies and controls, exhibited deficiencies in responsible gambling practices and key event arrangements. The Commission alleged that Lindar Media Limited also failed to advertise its marketing products in a socially responsible manner.

Failure to Comply with Problem Gambling Regulations

Further, the Commission allegedly found the operator non-compliant as the person responsible for the regulatory compliance function held other managerial positions in the company without the Commission’s approval. The company allegedly breached the socially responsible practices regarding problem gambling programs. As reported, the casino failed to identify and interact with customers who may be at risk of or experiencing gambling-related harms.

Finally, the Commission reportedly established that the operator breached regulatory provisions regarding annual contribution in relation to combating problem gambling.

Mitigating Factors

However, the regulator reportedly took into account the mitigating factors in the process, such as the immediate steps taken by the licensee to rectify the breaches and implement changes before the compliance assessment, as well as the early disclosure of the relevant facts. The casino reportedly approved the allegations, was fully cooperative, and made an early settlement proposal to the Commission.


As a result of the compliance assessment and regulatory review, Lindar Media Limited will pay a total of £690,947 as part of the settlement with the UK Gambling Commission. The total amount of penalty money will reportedly go to the social responsibility incentives and programs.