Jonas Warrer Takes Over As Acting Group CEO Of GIG

After the revelation that Richard Brown is leaving his role as CEO of Gaming Innovation Group (GIG), the company’s Board of Directors has made a decision that Jonas Warrer will take over as the acting group CEO coming into effect from September 22, according to PR Newswire.

CEO for a defined period:

At the moment, Jonas Warrer serves as CEO of the firm’s media division and will hold dual roles till the proposed separation process is finished. As for Richard Brown, he will carry on to back up operations in an advisory capacity till December 31, 2023, and the Platform & Sportsbook segment has been given secure leadership under Richard Carter, who took over as its CEO last month.

Moreover, the now-appointed CEO joined GIG six years ago, during September 2017, via the purchase of Rebel Penguin Aps, where he also held a dual role as founder and managing director. Since then, he has worked relentlessly to improve and make GIG Media what is today, where he officially took on the role of CEO in October 2019. Additionally, under his leadership, the segment has flourished significantly. In this regard, commenting on the new acting CEO, Executive Chairman of GiG, Petter Nylander, commented: “We are very pleased to appoint Jonas as acting CEO through the process of splitting GiG into two distinct entities to enhance future expansion and drive shareholder value, in addition to his role as head of GiG Media. He has long experience within GiG and the industry and has been part of GiG’s executive management for 4 years.”

Demerger process:

Over the past months, GIG has begun a strategic review” with the ultimate plan to separate the firm into two individual entities, Platform & Sportsbook and GiG Media, which will offer the segments the ability to develop faster than was possible under the unified corporate structure.

The Gaming Innovation Group, or GiG for short, is an iGaming service provider with 5 verticals as of late 2017. The company was launched in 2012. A self-described “disruptor” the group is determined to make the iGaming industry “an open and connected eco-system, for the benefit of all,” according to press from the company.

It is currently operating as a game service provider, holistic platform provider via iGamingCloud, sports betting platform provider (BettingCloud), provides lead generation through GIG Media, and operational services through their consumer brands. White label owners have access to the iGaming Cloud platform which is capable of carrying thousands of individual titles from various developers.