iDEAL launhed in 2005 and is a swift, reliable and efficient real-time online bank transfer payment method – the most successful and most used payment method in the Netherlands.

At checkout, customers select iDEAL and are re-directed to their online or mobile banking. They log in, review the pre-filled payment details and authorise payment. An iDEAL request to pay service, where businesses send out links via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or other channels, and a P2P service via scanning or generating QR-codes in the mobile app are also available. iDEAL provides a guaranteed payment to merchants and enables consumers to pay online through their bank accounts.

iDEAL is based on the SEPA credit transfer and is seamlessly integrated with the online banking systems offered by banks.

Supported banks include: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, ING, Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank, Revolut, SNS, Svenska Handelsbanken, Triodos Bank, Van Lanschot.