Evoplay Awards Holiday Multipliers In New Crash Title: Christmas Crash

With only a few days until Christmas, the excitement has officially reached its peak and the Christmas euphoria is still going strong!

With this in mind, Evoplay, a flagship provider of slots and casino games based in Ukraine, has launched Christmas Crash, a Christmas-themed crash game where players can experience exciting Christmas adventure and challenge themselves in this festive challenge!

Holiday challenge:

This exquisite holiday release beckons players to experience the Christmas race, meaning they have to help Santa hit the Cash Out button before his jolly sleigh is stopped by obstacles on the way. However, the more Santa races through the starry night, the more magical the screen will become, with sparkling presents falling from the aforementioned sleigh.

Although the game includes simple gameplay, players have a clear mission to complete in order to win some huge rewards. In addition, they have to place their wagers just before Santa starts his journey, and once he soars, the Multiplier will start to rise and may go up to 1,000x. The more he avoids obstacles and fly smoothly, the higher the value of the Multiplier becomes!

But watch out for Santa’s naughty brother who wants to stop Santa from delivering the presents on time. This is why the sleigh will ultimately hit the aforementioned obstacles, resulting in the Multiplier being reset. Since this is bound to happen, players have to Cash Out their wagers prior to that, in order not to lose them!

In terms of features, the game includes a Two Bets feature, which allows two individual wagers to be placed in the very same round. However, non-identical sums may be placed. But that’s not all; because players may also pick to Cash Out at different times, which improves the thrilling decision-making feature of the title.

Last game release of 2023:

This festive release is the last game release of this year for the aforementioned provider. In addition, this isn’t Evoplay’s only popular crash game. There are others such as Long Ball and Goblin Run.

Expressing pride for this new holiday release, CEO at Evoplay, Ivan Kravchuk, commented: “Christmas Crash sees Santa take to the skies and go on a thrilling escapade on his sleigh, packed with captivating prizes. This crash title exhibits the Two Bets Feature, meaning double the fun for players as they look to collect presents before Santa’s sleigh hits the obstacle. Christmas Crash marks Evoplay’s final game launch of 2023, a breakthrough year for us as we excitedly look forward to 2024.”