2024 Super Bowl Set to Become the Biggest ‘Big Game’ in NFL History

The 2024 Super Bowl event will be held at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on 11 February 2024. As the countdown to what the media already refer to as the biggest “Big Game” in NFL history begins, the NFL officials list the features and figures making the upcoming event spectacular and qualified for the potential best-of-all-times NFL event title.

Super Bowl Buzz:

As Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) reports, a series of Super Bowl promotion events has been drawing enormous attention already 68 days before the NFL finals. One of these has been recently held at Caesars Forum and attended by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who commented on the public sentiment:“I would say the buzz, at least in our environment, has never been higher. And again, I think that’s so much of what you’ve created here (in Las Vegas).”

The source reports that the game will be fully covered in terms of technological infrastructure with the CBS Sports network set to render the largest Super Bowl production in the broadcaster’s history with as many as 110 cameras. According to the CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus, the cameras including 4K zoom devices, three drones, and five aerial cameras will ensure a full coverage of the Allegiant Stadium spectacle by crews stationed in 19 mobile broadcast units. McManus reportedly said: “We will have it all covered from every single angle.”

As reported by LVRJ, the CBS network’s coverage will start on the Monday of Super Bowl week to culminate in 10 hours of coverage on Super Bowl Sunday.McManus reportedly said: “We will be ready for Super Bowl week as we showcase not just the game itself, but also the city of Las Vegas and all its glory. Las Vegas will be an incredible backdrop to the NFL’s biggest showcase.”

Tickets and Ads Sold Out:

The chairman also said that the advertising on CBS during the big game had been sold out faster than ever in the Super Bowl history. He reportedly said:“That’s not a cheap ticket by the way. … That’s somewhere between $6 million to $7 million for a 30 -second commercial.” As for the tickets for the game, NFL Commissioner Goodell said that these are ‘’off the charts,’’ according to LVRJ.  “We’re not going to have enough inventory to take care of everybody in the demand… That is somewhat natural, but I think it’s happening sooner. I think that there are so many others that have not been part of a Super Bowl in the past that want to be part of this one.”

The upcoming game will make Las Vegas the only city to host the prestigious triad of NFL Draft, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl events. The officials consider the fact ‘’remarkable’’ as the city has only had an NFL team since 2020, when the Raiders relocated to Southern Nevada. Now that the Super Bowl heat is on, Steve Hill, chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, reportedly said: “We’re glad to be a part of it, and it has changed Las Vegas.”